Below is a list of our most common questions and how to fix them.

Note: If you are using any Ad Blocker software, such as AdBlock Plus, please disable it on SendMyAd as this has been known to cause issues with the site.

The trim tool will not let me reposition the ad. It goes to a gray screen after selecting "Trim & Save".

This generally happens when your flash version needs to be updated. To find out if you have the latest flash version you can check by clicking here. If you find that your flash player is not up to date you can download the latest flash version here.

I'm having problems when attempting to upload a file. My upload begins, but then sits at 0%, or the progress bar gets slower and slower until it eventually stalls.

If you are having problems with the uploader, please try the following options:

Speed Test
If the site seems to be fairly slow, particularly when uploading files, click here to be taken to Select the Star icon near New Orleans, LA and select "Hammond" from the menu. Speed Test will run a brief test and return the values for your Ping, Download Speed and Upload Speed. Please include these results when contacting support regarding site speed/upload issues.

Clear Browser Cache

In order to reduce the time it takes to display a Web page, your browser will store many of the elements of a website you have visited within its cache. However, after a major site update, the SendMyAd-related contents of your browser's cache may be out of date which can sometimes cause odd behavior within the site. Clearing your browser cache can sometimes correct odd display/upload issues that may occur after an update.

Click the name of the browser you are using below to view a brief video on how to clear its browser cache:

Adobe Flash
SendMyAd requires Flash version 10.0 or newer. You can determine if you have the latest version of Flash here. If you are not running at least Flash 10, please update to the latest version, then try uploading your file again.

Older Uploader
Select the "Older Uploader" button on the upload window, then proceed with your upload as normal.

Behind a Proxy
If the issue still persists,
you may want to check with your IT dept and find out if you’re behind a proxy as this has been known to cause issues with the uploader. If this is the case, please have your IT dept configure the proxy to reference the following two SSL sites:



How can I replace my existing ad with a new one?

To replace an existing ad with a new file, select the "Revise Ad" button under the "Possible Actions" list while viewing the ad.
On the "Choose A Revision Type" screen that follows, select the "Replace This File" option. Please provide a revision reason, select your new file and proceed with the upload as normal.

I'm trying to revise a file, and getting the message "The max number of revisions has been reached."

Some publishers have a limit in place on the number of times that an ad can be revised. This is to encourage the user to contact the publisher in the event that they are running into an issue that they may not understand. If you are seeing this message, please contact the materials contact for the publication that you are trying to submit your ad to.

If you are not sure who to contact, you can locate the contact information of the Material's Receiver for this publication under the Ad Sizes view. Select the publication that you are submitting your ad to, then click the name displayed next to "Materials Receiver" to view their contact information.


I sent an ad and it is complete, but I need to make some changes. What should I do?

Some publishers allow ads to be revised even after they have been completed.

If you are viewing the completed ad, click the "Actions" button at the bottom right of the Ad View. If the publisher allows ads to be revised after completion, you will see an option to "Re-upload Ad".

Select "Re-Upload Ad" and follow the steps to revise your file.

Please contact your publisher if you are revising a file after it has been completed to ensure that the new file is used.

If you do not see the option to "Re-Upload Ad" in the "Actions" menu, then you will need to contact your publisher.
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