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Setting Up Zip Downloads

Within your Company Profile, inside of each ad type's settings, there is a "Manage Zip Bundler Settings" button. This can be used to customize the folder structure that is created when you extract the contents of the zip bundle. Doing so allows you to organize the extracted content by information related to the file, such as to which publication/issue it was submitted.

To edit the zip bundler settings for print ads, simply go into your Company Profile, click "Print Ad Settings" within the right column, and scroll down until you see the "Manage Zip Bundler Settings" button.

Setting Up Zip Bundler

Once clicked, this button will open up a window which will allow you to configure the final ad path, digital receipt path (not available for DFT Ads), and the final ad bundle name. Below each text area, there is a "Path Variables" button that when clicked, opens a table of supplied variables that you may click to add as part of your paths or file name.

Final Ad Path

When a variable is added to an ad path, a / will be automatically placed at the end of the variable for your convenience. This / indicates a new folder which will be named based on the variable that follows. The digital receipt path, which is only available within the print ads window, functions the same way.

Ad Bundle Name

Forward slashes (/) are not allowed within ad bundle names. You must use a "-" or "_" to separate the variables. The available separators can be found in the rightmost column of the path variable table.

Ad Bundler Name