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Dashboard Features

The Dashboard provides a summary of the overall activity within your portal. Here you will find graphs tracking information such as the number of ads that have uploaded, revised, picked up and delivered. You can also select a specific publication to track the activity.

The Dashboard also provides the following helpful options:

Managing Ad Sizes

The Ad Sizes button on the Dashboard will take you to the "Ad Sizes" option listed under the "View" menu. Tarea lists the individual ad specifications for each publication, as well as information such as the Materials Receiver for that publication and the Material Due Dates for each issue. InDesign users can also download templates for each ad spec to assist when laying out their ads.

Publication Information

Lists basic information about the selected publication such as the trim size and the Materials Receiver for that publication. If you need to contact the publisher with questions regarding their ad specs, due dates, etc, clicking the name of the Materials Receiver will display their contact information.

Mechanical Specifications Tab

This area gives a complete listing of the available ad specs for the selected pub, as well as a preview of the dimensions of the ad spec.

InDesign users can click the "Download Ind Template" button to download an InDesign Interchange template of the ad spec. The document size of the template will be equal to the trim size of the ad spec, and will also contain guidelines for the safety and bleed. This file is compatible with InDesign CS4, CS5 and will be compatible with CS6 upon release.

Closing Dates Tab

Displays a listing of the Material Due Dates for each issue of the selected publication, as well as how many days left until that date is reached. Please note,
the only the "Materials Due Date" is displayed here. The "Issue Run Date" is not.

Managing FAQs

Under the FAQs section, is a list of predefined Frequently Asked Questions. If you would like to create a new FAQ, click the "Add FAQ" button at the top left of the FAQ screen. Enter the Question you wish to display, and the Answer you wish to display when the question is selected. Click "Add" once complete to add your FAQ to the list.

Also, the Question/Answer fields support HTML.  This can be useful if you wish to add a link to an external document within the Answer of the FAQ.

Example: You have a specific Distiller .joboptions file you prefer to use for generating PDF files, and wish to link to make it available to your users. You can place the .joboptions file on your ftp server, and use an HTML link to download the file from your server.

The HTML syntax would look like:

<a href="ftp://FTPUsername:FTPPassword@YourFTPSite/PathToFile/Filename">Whatever you want the link to say</a>

Get Help

The Get Help section provides assistance should you have any questions regarding SendMyAd.

Contact Us

If you have a question, are encountering a technical issue, or would like to suggest an enhancement to SendMyAd, click the corresponding option and fill out the brief form to send us an email. This is the preferred method for contacting support as it ensures your question will be seen by the entire SendMyAd team.

Self Help

Speed Test: If the site seems to be fairly slow, particularly when uploading files, this option will take you to Select the Star icon near New Orleans, LA and select "Hammond" from the menu. Speed Test will run a brief test and return the values for your Ping, Download Speed and Upload Speed. Please include these results when contacting support regarding site speed issues.

SMA Help Manual:
Brings you to this Help Manual.

Quick Start Videos

A series of tutorial videos which covers the different functions of the site. An excellent resource if you're just getting started with SendMyAd.


This will take you to our in-site blog. Here you will find posts from our development team regarding the latest updates to SendMyAd.