3 Ad Sizes

The Ad Sizes tab is where the publication's ad specs are stored. If you need to add a new ad spec or edit/remove an existing ad spec, this is all controlled here.

Ad Size Specifications Column:

Size Actions Menu

Add Print Size: creates a new ad specification
Duplicate Sizes: duplicates all ad specs to a different publication
Edit Display Order: allows you to re-arrange the order in which the ad specifications are listed. This will apply to anywhere the list of ad specs are shown (upload form ad list selector, Ad Sizes View)

Print Sizes List

This is a list of the individual ad specs for the publication you are currently viewing. By selecting an ad spec from the list on the right, you can view/edit its configuration in the Specification Details column on the right.

Specification Details

This is the configuration of the ad spec selected from the Print Sizes list on the left.

Add Ad Creator Template:  Allows you to upload an Ad Creator template, or edit the basic configuration of the Ad Creator spec.

Note: Ad Creator is an optional product, this option may not appear for your company.

Name: Name of the Ad Spec
Code: A simple code for the Ad Spec. This is primarily used as a variable and can be used during ftp delivery as either part of the final filename, or as a part of a directory name on the ftp server. (Note: this does not need to be completed for the ad spec to be active)
Short Label: An additional code that can be used during ftp delivery/file naming
Rate Code: