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Managing Publications

Publications are created and accessed through the Publications list under the Manage section.

The image above shows that we have two publications for this publisher. The first is called "Sample Publication 1" and is ready to receive ads and pages. The second is "Sample Publication 2" and is not ready to receive either ads or pages.

the "Ready for Flatplan" column will only appear if you have Virtual Publisher.

If you select a publication from this list, you will be taken to its Publication Profile.

Creating a New Publication

To create a new publication, simply click the "Add Publication" icon at the top of the publication list:


In the "Add A New Publication" window below, fill out the required fields:


Publication Name: name of the publication you are creating
Code: an abbreviated version of the Publication Name that is between 2-6 characters. (Example: Sample Publication 1 would have a Code of SP1)
Trim Size: final trimmed size of the publication
Publication Contact
: the default contact for this publication. By default, the selected user will receive all email notifications related to files submitted to this publication. There is a way to set up multiple users to receive email notifications within the publication profile.

Once you Save your settings in the "Add A New Publication" window, you'll be taken to the "Publication Details" tab of the newly created publication's Publication Profile.