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Managing Customers

Once an advertiser has logged into your portal, each member of their company will be added to your Customers list, which can be accessed under the View menu.

You can also view the invite status of any customers to whom you have sent sign up invitations using the "Invite Advertisers" option within SendMyAd. At the top of the Customers list, click the "Invitees" button:

This will display the Sign Up status (Red: has not signed up, Green: has signed up), the date the user was invited/signed up and allow you to resend the Invitation email using the "Reinvite" button:

If you select a user from your Customer List, you can view some basic information about that customer, such as their contact information and address.

You can also remove that customer from your customer list by clicking the "Remove As Customer" button.

NOTE: Removing a customer from your customer list does not delete the user. It simply removes that customer from your list. Publishers cannot delete Advertiser user accounts since Advertisers may work with multiple publishers.

If your customer is having difficulty logging into the site and needs to have their password reset, you can change their password for them using the "Change Password" button.