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Managing WebMedia Profiles

Managing your digital ad web media profiles. Similar to publications, digital ads have a container called web media profiles. A web media profile can be used to direct advertisers into a specific area before sending their ads.

To find your web media profiles select "Company Profile" from the Manage list on the left:

In the Company Profile, expand the "Digital Ad Settings" on the right and you should see the Web Media Profiles listed:

Here you can add as many profiles as you need. At least one profile is required to allow users to send Digital Ads.

Duplicate A Media Profile

Here we will show you how to duplicate an existing web media profile to save setup time.
Select one of the profiles from the list to enter its setup. Within the media profile's setup, click the Media Profile Actions menu,
and select "Duplicate Media Profile"

This will prompt you to name the newly duplicated profile. Give it the name that you wish to create,
and it will now appear at the top of the Web Ads upload form in the Available Containers pull down.
No additional setup is required