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Creating Reservations

If you would like to create an ad reservation for your customer, this can be done using the following steps:
  1. From the Dashboard view, select "Make Reservation" under the "Actions" list on the left. This will take you to the "Create A New Ad Space Reservations" form.
  2. Select the publication in which the ad is expected to run.
  3. Select the advertiser company that is sending the ad from the "Companies" list. This list will display any advertisers that have logged into your portal. If the advertiser has not logged into your portal, or does not have a SendMyAd account, you can select "Enter New User or Assign Later" and enter a "Contact email" to embed an invitation link within the email request.
  4. Fill out the "Ad Specification Information" (Ad Size and Color profile of the expected ad)
  5. Select the issue(s) that the ad will run in.
  6. A booking number is automatically generated by the system, though you can replace it with a custom internal number if you wish.
  7. Enter any "Additional Information" you wish to send your customer.
  8. Click "Reserve Space".
This will send an email to the customer you specified in the reservation with a link which leads to the reservation. You can monitor open reservations by going to "Views" > "Print Ads" and setting the "All Ads" filter to "Materials Requested". This will set your ad list to display any open reservations. Once your customer has uploaded their ad to the material request, the reservation will be removed from the list.

If you select a pending reservation, you can send an email reminder to your customer using the "Resend Email" button in the open reservation.