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Managing Ad Creator

Ad Creator is an added module which allows advertisers to upload creatives and add custom text to generate print ready ads based on Adobe Indesign templates provided in the site.

Notice: Ad Creator is an optional feature.

InDesign Template Requirements

InDesign template files must meet the following requirements to be compatible with Ad Creator.
  • Must be saved from InDesign CS4 in .indt format
  • Each text box in the InDesign template must have a Paragraph Style assigned to it
  • All custom fonts must be PC-compatible (Opentype, or Truetype) and sent to SendMyAd Support so they can be installed on the Ad Creator server.
  • Each element in the template (text boxes, placeholder images) must be on its own layer.
  • Alphanumeric Characters ONLY in the Layer/Style Names. (Letters and Numbers ONLY. No spaces, special characters, apostrophes, quotes, etc)
  • If you'd like to have an element appear on the ad that cannot be edited by the user, it can be placed on a layer that has a "-" at the beginning of the layer name.

Uploading Template Files

To upload an InDesign Template to Ad Creator, you must first create an ad spec for within the corresponding publication with which to associate the template:

Tip: Download the two attachments at the bottom of this article to help get started setting up a basic template.
  1. Under "Views", select "Publications"
  2. Within the publication profile, select the "Ad Sizes" tab and create a new ad spec.
  3. At the top of the newly created ad spec, click the button "Add Ad Creator Template.
  4. In the "Add Ad Creator Template" window, click the "Add Files" button, and select your template and preview image.
  5. Click "Upload All" to upload the template and the image.
  6. Once the upload has completed, you should see the "Edit Ad Creator Template" window. Here you can ad custom labels to indicate what should be entered into the corresponding field within the Ad Creator tool. Each individual text box within the original InDesign template will have its own field within the Ad Creator tool.
  7. Click the "Close" button at the bottom of the "Edit Ad Creator Template" window to save your changes. You will now have an active Ad Creator template.

Once you have an active Ad Creator template, you should see the "Create an Ad" option under the "Actions" menu on the Dashboard View which will take you to the Ad Creator tool.
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