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- Getting Started With SendMyAd

How to Increase Ad Portal Adoption

  • Send your current advertisers an announcement of your new ad portal with a link to your registration page – email and/or snail-mail.
  • In all emailed correspondence, make sure that EVERYONE in the company has your portal's URL as part of their Signature:
 For instance, it may read:
 Frank Jones, Art Director
Acme Magazine
(323) 289-1195
When you upload an ad to Acme Magazine, please use our new ad portal at .  It is easy to use.

  • Every version of your Media Kit needs to have a prominently displayed link to your portal.
  • Customize the “Customer Invitation Email” template to invite advertisers to log in, which can explain the system and help give some answers before there are questions...for instance, describe how the educational “more info” buttons in the preflight report provides instructions on how to make a correction when an error has been detected. Also, point out the full range of tutorial videos under the “Get Help” tab.
  • Your website should have a link to your ad portal under the appropriate tabs (eg. "Advertising", "Classified", "Contact Us")
  • When a customer sends an ad file via email, reply with a prepared message…
…Such as:
    • Acme Magazine is no longer accepting ad files via email.  Ads are to be uploaded to our ad portal at  After logging into the portal, if you have any questions on how to upload an ad, simply watch the short video tutorials and read the Frequently Asked Questions.  There is additional info under the “Get Help” tab. Or, give us a call at XXX XXX-XXXX.
    • You will find that our ad portal has many benefits for you:
Our ad portal let’s you know if there’s a problem with your ad, show you where the problem is, and offer suggestions on how to fix the problem.  There is even a resize/trim tool within the portal, which will let you fix the size and trim problems without reworking the native file.  Under the “Ad Sizes” tab, there are InDesign templates to download, which assure that your ad will be the correct size.

  • Set the “Notifications” to automatically send you an email when an advertiser gets a warning or rejection of their ad.  This will allow you to be proactive in calling the customer to be of help.
  • Use the “Make a Reservation” feature to encourage advertisers to log in and upload their ads.
  • Schedule a QuickStart advertiser webinar, which educates advertisers in the use of the SendMyAd portal.

SendMyAd has thousands of advertisers sending ad files to over 900 magazines every day. 

Many of these magazines have small advertisers. Their clients have adopted SendMyAd.  Yours will as well.  It may take a little handholding at first, as all new things take a little time to gain acceptance.


There is a good chance many of your advertisers are already familiar with SendMyAd.