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Company Profile

Company Information (Left Side)

The Company Information section allows you to edit the following information about your company:
  • Company Name
  • Code (a simple four letter code that corresponds to your company)
  • Mailing Address info (Address, City, State, Zip)
  • Contact info (Phone, Fax)

Company Details

Lists basic information about your company such as:
  • Company Type: Usually "Direct Advertiser"
  • Total Ads Uploaded
  • Total Users
  • Publisher Relationships (total number of different publisher SendMyAd portals your company works with)

Settings (Right Side)

General Settings & Information

Gives a listing of the companies you work with. If you wish to remove a company from the list, click "Remove" next to the company name. This will remove your company's users from that publisher's Customer List.

Contact Settings

Can be used to set a Default Contact for your company. If a publisher has the Ad Contact Selector enabled on their upload form, the Default Contact that is selected here will be automatically set as the contact in the Ad Contact Selector regardless of which user is logged in. If you wish to have the Ad Contact Selector default to the current user, change the Default Contact to "Users"

Your Users

A listing of your company users and their contact info.