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Ad Sizes

The Ad Sizes area lists the individual ad specifications for each publication, as well as information such as the Materials Receiver for that publication and the Material Due Dates for each issue. InDesign users can also download templates for each ad spec to assist when laying out their ads.

Publication Information

Lists basic information about the selected publication such as the trim size and the Materials Receiver for that publication. If you need to contact the publisher with questions regarding their ad specs, due dates, etc, clicking the name of the Materials Receiver will display their contact information.

You Can Download Pre-built Indesign Templates

Downloading a prebuilt Indesign template ensures your creative is always the correct size and will result in less problems when uploading your final ad.
To download simply find the ad specification that matches your needs and select the "download Indesign Template" button next to the ad size. After your template is downloaded you may drop your creative in, export a PDF/X1a then upload your ad to SendMyAd.

Mechanical Specifications Tab

This area gives a complete listing of the available ad specs for the selected pub, as well as a preview of the dimensions of the ad spec.

InDesign users can click the "Download Ind Template" button to download an InDesign Interchange template of the ad spec. The document size of the template will be equal to the trim size of the ad spec, and will also contain guidelines for the safety and bleed. This file is compatible with InDesign CS4, CS5 and will be compatible with CS6 upon release.

Closing Dates Tab

Displays a listing of the Material Due Dates for each issue of the selected publication, as well as how many days left until that date is reached.